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How To Use Targeted SEO Real Estate Keywords In Your Blog Marketing Efforts!

Do Use Targeted SEO Real Estate Keywords?

You have often heard that SEO Real Estate Keywords are important to the success of your real estate website.

Do you understand how your real estate blog and the other content you produce is managed by Google and the other search engines?

Discover how to use SEO real estate keywords when you try this SEO service that can put your website onto the first page of Google, in 90-days or less, without doing any social media, blogging or paid ads.

If you’re like most the full-time realtors you probably have a hard time understanding just what exactly SEO real estate keywords are and the exact ways they boost your digital presence, and how they actually benefit your marketing.


We could go into a long discussion of the technical concept of SEO real estate keywords and how the search strategy fits into your total marketing plan, but we’ll start off with just one basic aspect that makes the internet a success: keywords.

Here will give you some detailed insights as to how keywords work on your website’s on-page SEO and how you can research popular, local terms and phrases to use on your site, and what to avoid.

How Real Estate Agents Benefit from SEO

Long-form content (more than one or two words) that provides unique value for your niche audience is what is primarily favored by search engines today.

It is necessary that you consistently create original, fresh content for your main buying or selling audience in order to stay ahead of the game.

This is what real estate keyword SEO is all about. The search engines are looking for this content. With it, you are optimizing your site. It’s really that simple. Here is one of the best tools to find those keywords, it’s called JAXXY

Here are some of the other best ways in which you can benefit from having a  real estate SEO plan for your brand.

1) When you are optimized this way.

your content is allowed to be found by more people, your potential leads,  within your target audience.SEO Real Estate Keywords

The main idea of writing content for your website is to attract people to it. By writing and posting information for your prospective visitors to find via search engines.

Real Estate keyword SEO is a long-term marketing plan for agents.

Don’t expect instant results or success.

It’s like buying ads on park benches and billboards.

You don’t know who is going to see your ads or when but some will see it and read it and be motivated to call you.

Once you have begun to consistently publish your pages and posts and are sure that each one features the relevant keywords, you will begin to see them climb up the search engine results pages (SERPs) and earn you more traffic.

2) A well-managed SEO real estate keywords strategy.

Gives you a great chance to create your brand awareness for the long term in your community.

Because your search-optimized content is reaching a large audience, you have many more chances to promote your personal brand.

You will have more internet searches see what makes you unique and differentiates you from other the rest of the pack of realtors.

Ultimately the traffic on your site will increase as well, and keep your name at the top of the list of those searching for homes and real estate agents and brokers.

Be sure your homepage is kept current so visitors are able to easily know who you are, what your niche is, how good you are, and other basic facts about you so that all your  SEO real estate keyword efforts for these pages will keep working for you.

3) This SEO real estate keywords strategy

Makes you more competitive with other Realtors in your market and will help to bring to the first page of the google searches.

By aggressively using the right mix of targeted keywords in your blog posts, your content will gradually begin to rank above  your competitors

They may have similar strategies in place and begin to try their own strategies but in the long run that is all too everyone’s advantage. But not every agency does and not everyone stay up to date of what is happening so don’t be concerned.

Understanding what the benefits to optimizing your SEO real estate keywords and the content on your real estate website is only the first step, though. Eventually, newer agents will emerge in search rankings.

Therefore, it’s necessary to a) constantly review your existing pages’ keywords to ensure they’re still being searched and good to incorporate site-wide, and b) constantly be creating lots new pages and posts that include other long-tail keywords about goings-on in your market.

The SEO Real Estate Keywords Optimization Basics to KnowSEO Real Estate Keywords

In the beginning, SEO might feel overwhelming, but you need to educate yourself in order to increase your real estate content marketing efforts and eventually generate new, high-quality leads from SEO.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started creating your search-friendly content and deciding which keywords to target.

Don’t go overboard with keywords like it’s the year 2000. Use JAXXY  to find those keywords

There was a tactic called “stuffing” where you would “stuff” your content with as many keywords as you could dream up. Google put a stop to that by downgrading sites that were doing. Don’t do it. It’s done any more.

You want to find a handful of high-quality, long-tail (more than three or four words) keywords that pertain to your housing market (e.g. “Two-story luxury homes condos downtown,” “ranch homes on five plus acres,” etc.) to use in your SEO real estate keywords blog posts.

There are several tools available if you need ideas or want to track which ones are popular — including and especially JAXXY

From there, you can develop content around specific, focused terms and phrases that relate to your SEO real estate keyword niche and attempt to “own” those keywords in SERPs.

Whether you’re zeroing in on a single, dynamic keyword or a group of them, the keyword(s) should appear in your title, meta description, URL, several times throughout the content, and in the article tags to be totally optimized and are seen in the search

Be certain to include relevant keywords to all pictures you’re including as well within the alt text and description.

Take advantage of internal and external links.

To be successful, don’t just target the good keywords and settle on the correct title, the links you use also matter a great deal.

Popular and important sites also help.  The more links from those sites matter. This is what is known as global popularity in the world of SEO real estate keywords, and if done properly it can increase your rankings.

If you’re just starting out as a real estate agent, your content is not going to rank right off the bat, but you can improve your chances by finding links to relevant content from other sites.

Let’s say you come across an article from the National Association of Realtors and include a link to it in a blog you want to write. Since this link comes from a reputable source, you’ll get more importance from it on your site.

You can also gain from regularly updating your links to keep your content relevant on search engines, and maintaining a lively online presence. Although social sharing is not always treated the same by search engines, it’s still a   necessary component of your SEO real estate keyword strategy.

The Ins and Outs of SEO Real Estate Keyword TargetingSEO Real Estate Keywords

While the quality of the content on your site shouldn’t be given any less of your time, keyword research might be the hardest aspect of SEO.

If people don’t find your website when they’re searching for the types of homes you’re selling, you’re putting in a lot of effort for nothing.

Start with a focused keyword that you found on  Asheville real estate agent and make broad associations around it.

For instance, you work in a community in Asheville.

You might want to begin with “Asheville real estate” as your main focused keyword and list every combination you can think of that relates: 

Asheville real estate agent

  • Realtor Asheville
  • Asheville neighborhoods
  • Buying homes in the Asheville area
  • Luxury Homes in Asheville
  • Western North Carolina homes
  • Real estate agent Western North Carolina

After you’ve run through those keyword combinations, pick a few to segment.

Depending on how large your area of focus is, you’ll want to narrow your keyword groups down into neighbourhood names or suburbs.

The idea here is to try and predict which terms your visitor will search for, and focus on those in your content. Try several test searches before categorizing them.

Your prospects will almost certainly use many more words than you will, and the trick is to try and guess how they’ll phrase their searches so your content is available as people are looking for it.

As with most things when working with buyers and sellers, you can’t think of everything.

You should focus almost entirely on local SEO Real Estate Keywords for your site.

It’s never a good idea to try and spend your energy working in a handful of different communities when you should be more focused and working to be an expert in one area.

Local SEO is important to use when you work in a particular neighbourhood, especially when you have a physical location–such as your office–to feature.

You need to be specific and detailed when optimizing your blog as this will almost guarantee that people will find you if they’re searching for “Luxury Homes in Asheville” as in the example above.

Don’t forget about these characteristics also when creating your content to appear in local SEO real estate keyword results:

City and neighbourhood keyword relevance in your search: Add your location and a related keyword in all of the places content is optimized on your site, such as the meta description and title.

Physical address & city/state: Be sure you include the address of your office in all tags, website titles, and descriptions so that it appears on maps and in local search results.

Discover how to use SEO real estate keywords when you try this SEO service that can put your website onto the first page of Google, in 90-days or less, without doing any social media, blogging or paid ads.

Topical relevance:

Create pages with local content and SEO real estate keywords which have value for your readers, instead of trying to ensure your content ranks just for the sake of rankings.

Doing this will assure you of a better position as a trustworthy source of information locally, and your prospects can be comfortable that your content will be useful in their home search and with you as their agent.

High Rankings in online search results don’t happen by accident. Rather, it comes down to a planned SEO real estate keyword strategy that is designed to show Google, and other search engines, that your real estate office website, individual listing websites or personal agent websites belong at the top of a long list of search results.

There are a number of SEO techniques you can use to boost your search engine marketing efforts and improve your Google ranking. Use these five tips in addition to all of the above to help get you there:

1. long-tail keywordsSEO Real Estate Keywords

Keywords, as we’ve already discussed, are basically the search terms your target buyers commonly use when browsing online property.

Short-tail keywords are general terms such as “homes for sale”, whereas long-tail keywords take a more specific focus such as “apartments for sale in Asheville”.

You can use long-tail keywords in all your online content to help you cut through irrelevant traffic and connect with better-quality leads.

This may be repetitive but it can’t be emphasized enough.

2. Utilise your keywords found on   JAXXY

How and where you use your keywords is vital to achieving SEO real estate keywords success.

Your keywords should be used in the URL and page title.

Also, use your keywords once or twice within your page content naturally – Google will penalise you for keyword stuffing, the practice of loading or stuffing a webpage with keywords in an effort to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results.

Keyword stuffing will cause your content to appear unnatural and make it difficult to read. It is beneficial to use your keywords in the title and image alt tag of any images you feature on the page.

3. Your Content Counts

Google rewards sites that publish regular, good quality content.

Be certain you have a content marketing plan in place and that your content is relevant to those keywords which you have chosen.

Also, try to use your SEO real estate keywords in the first few paragraphs.

A good method is to begin the post with a short introduction that summarises the content and includes subheadings.

4. And Don’t forget those links

Search engines look for how your web content is linked.

When you’re publishing a blog article, for example, link to older posts or to other pages on your website.

This helps search engines find your other content and will have a cumulative effect on your search rankings.

5. Remember to Refresh Your SiteSEO Real Estate Keywords

Google doesn’t like slow-loading sites and those that are not mobile-friendly.

Be sure your website is as fast as possible and optimised for mobile devices.

Have a responsive website design by resizing images to low-resolution, JPEGs or PNGs, and removing any widgets or plug-ins – such as auto slideshows – that are not necessary.

Use Pingdom is a free site to test your site’s speed. Anything longer than three seconds and your website might need an overhaul.

Want to know the holy grail to SEO real estate keywords?

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Joseph Kaplan

Joseph Kaplan is the Founder of RealEstateInternetMarketingServices.com, a promotional and educational website for Realtors, Brokers, and Investors who want and need help to promote great content, and real-estate-related websites to the top of Google, organically in 90-days or less, and recommends the best real estate Internet marketing services and tools online.

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  1. Louis

    Thanks for this detailed insight on how to get more traffic to a real estate blog. I understand it’s very important to use keywords by putting the name of a community as the title of a website, doesn’t it limit you to only that community or environment??

    I’ all try this for my blogs and hopefully return with positive feedbacks

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      Thanks for writing. In residential real estate, you want to become the expert in your community. sometimes even the expert in a large condo. It’s really hard to know everything there is to know about a large area so concentrate just one community and know everything and everybody and you’ll be a success. 

  2. Sharon

    SEO keyword strategy goes way deeper than I thought! That being said, keywords aren’t the only important factor to SEO rankings. Search engines also typically favor posts with longer word counts, internal and external linking, multiple levels of headers, and other fine details such as concise post URLs. Still, keywords are certainly the starting place and this is very handy as far as managing those!

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      Thanks for the comments. You’re 100% correct. That’s why my post is formatted the way it is. It uses keywords, multiple levels of headers, etc. just like you point out. But it all starts with a keyword search. Good luck to you

  3. charles39

    Real estate  is one  of business ideas that I intend to make it very soon but I will say that I didn’t know that SEO were that Important in that line of business but I was very wrong and know I have to strategize on the best SEO for  my business . this blog has highlighted very important aspect that idint have clue about and I am thankful for that.

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      Thanks for writing. If you go into real estate in today’s world you have to understand online marketing. good luck.

  4. Humayra


    This is one of the greatest tips i have ever found on line. I think this article will help many beginner who are not aware of this type of SEO strategy and want to establish their site based on this SEO tips. I think it is useful for me also. I am going to save your article in bookmark list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      Thanks a lot. It’s great to see that you understand that SEO applies to everything we are doing here

  5. Kehinde Segun

    Nicely written up with lots of information in this article. I might not be into Real estate but or have a niche  pertaining to it but the writer has really simplified it to the extent that a seven years old will understand it and work it out very well

    Knowing the keywords SEO in ones blog is really crucial.

    Nice one, writer you really nailed it

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      Thanks a million. This applies to every field, you know. Having an understanding of SEO is crucial to what we are doing here.

  6. Renton

    This is a great post and is really interesting too!

    I never really considered how important having a website with proper SEO in place was to realtors. Like you mentioned we generally see a lot of billboard or park bench ads but it makes sense that having a strong online presence is also key to success.

    I especially like the idea of using long tail keywords because people are typing specific phrases into search engines and search engines are also recommending specific phrases rather than just one or two words. Creating quality content is also a brilliant way to draw people to your website because they will come to see you as an authority in your field.

    This provided a great way for you to answer questions and help people and by doing this you can build trust. This is probably the most important thing for a realtor because you tend to buy property with the help of people you trust.

    I know you said to focus on your local area first, but is there any value in expanding your area? Like let’s say you  also know of great coastal properties as well can you include those or is it better to be laser focused on one are at a time?

    Thanks for sharing this information!

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      thanks for your comment. As to your last question. One of the first things you learn as a realtor is to concentrate on one small area, to actually “farm” a nieghborhood. In large cities to even concentrate on a single a condo or subdivision, become an expert. If you get leads for an area outside of your expertise, for instance you live in the mountains have someone who wants to buy at the beach, find a realtor to work at the beach make a referral arrangement to pay each other referral fees.  As you say, stay laser focused and become the local expert.

  7. Larry

    Great article on helping agents move their sites up in Google rankings. This is especially true when you are just starting out or trying to build a following in a new area where you’re real estate office is located. I was doing some research on this topic before and one of the things that was referred to was how there are so many real estate sites already, however, I have not seen a lot of them that include active blogging like you advocate. Do you think this will affect in a positive or negative manner how well trying to create a site and move up in rankings?

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      I think active blogging is very important in today’s world in order to set yourself apart from the crowd and to keep yourself in the public eye. If you write fresh material about what is going in the local community, keeping people up to date, including information about the real estate market, people will look forward to hearing from you. Real estate is “the long game”. I’ve had clients that I’ve kept in touch with for one two years until they’ve finally bought something.

  8. Larry O’Connor Jr

    I like how you varied the text sizes on your site which helps to not let your eyes get lazy as you read through it. I liked the idea of what you wrote about and had thought of it myself but had already started a couple of sites and didn’t want to focus on 3 sites at the same time. There is not many photos or they are very small so they don’t really break up the text. You did very well though on making your text very online readable since you want the text bodies to be small groups of not more than 2 or 3 sentences. Great idea and great points you made for your readers.

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      Thanks for your comments.  Looks like the design is working. So many of these sites are huge blocks of text that are hard to read. 

  9. Francisco Naysmith

    fantastic issues altogether, you simply gained a emblem new reader. What might you suggest about your submit that you simply made some days ago? Any sure?

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      Thanks for your interest and comment
      You may also want to share the link to my page to learn how we help realtors and anyone with a website be successful. Here is the link: https://www.irankfast.com/joe-kaplan-seo/

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    1. Joseph Kaplan

      Thanks for your interest.
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