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Real Estate Website Design Software – Top 20 Real Estate Website Builders Online!

“Top 20 Real Estate Website Design Software!”

This post covers the top twenty real estate website design software for 2019.

Real Estate Website Design SoftwareSo, what are the top real estate website design software?

Discover top real estate website design software and SEO services that can put your website onto the first page of Google, in 90-days or less, without doing any social media, blogging, or paid ads.

Realtors, brokers, and agencies, here is a set of the best real estate website builders to promote your brand and firm out there.

Now is your chance to do your thing, get creative and stand out from the crowd to acquire a horde of new potential clients.

With these site editors, you can rapidly establish a professional and sophisticated online presence.

Push your services and listings above and beyond and see fascinating things, the world wide web gives to you.

You will notice that some of the website builders are more general and the others are real estate specific.

With this in mind, choose according to your needs, but it is a promise that you cannot go wrong with any of them.

Instead, each gives a unique and original approach that offers you to craft an outstanding outcome.

Make sure you use the one you like the most to its full potential and get your real estate business known.

In case you are here for the first time and are 100% new to the best real estate website design software, there are a few things you need to know.

First, these tools do not ask for any coding or design background.

Secondly, you do not need to worry about hosting and, in most cases, domain names.

Last but not least, most website builders follow the latest web trends and tech regulations.

Therefore, your real estate pages will perform smoothly on all devices and platforms and stand the test of time.


Always start at the beginning or at the top, whichever you choose.

To get started and have you sorted out with a great real estate website, you need one of the best and most powerful real estate website design software, Wix. It is a versatile,  service that serves any niche in every industry.

No need to look for any third party software when it comes to Wix (hosting included!).

That said, all you need is a Wix account and the rest is easy.

You will see it as soon as you get started. First of all, look at all the great features and website examples to truly get the gist of it.

Along with the available layouts, Wix also practices SEO, mobile friendliness and tons of apps.

The latter, you can use to refine your online presence further and make all your properties shine online.

With Wix as your best real estate website builder, you can succeed online and reach new levels of prosperity.


The name says it, you reach places with Placester.

Placester is thought of as one of the best real estate website design software available on the market.

With this page building tool, you will certainly stand out locally using its personalized data exchange or IDX integration.

If you are in the business of marketing your properties as pros do, Placester offers a modern, mobile-friendly real estate website for you or your brokerage.

Regardless of your expertise, Placester provides you with the top features and tools you can use to win prospect and convert them into another closing.

Placester comes with many options for both brokers and agents, it delivers a comfortable page establishment process.

Choose from predesigned themes, utilize lead capture and offer MLS search.

Go the extra step and start a blog for content marketing purposes, as well as to personalize the experience.

Use IntAgent - A Real Estate Website Design SoftwareIntagent

Intagent is the best real estate website builder with the features and tools carefully designed and developed for the industry.

It offers all the unique and modern looking designs for real estate projects, but it also has with it a CRM lead management platform which you can use on any device.

Agents, brokers and companies are all welcome to use Intagent to get your name out amongst a wider audience.

Thanks to the newly designed page, you can now access all parts of the world without leaving your office and know that you are using the best real estate website design software.

With Intagent, managing your contents has never been easier and you can go way beyond that.

Because Intagent is highly customizable, making your site appear exactly how you want will not be difficult.

Using Intagent, your listings and other real estate website transactions will be more efficient and reliable.

Start a blog, profit from search engine optimization and integrate social media, these and a whole lot more is what awaits every Intagent user. 


Weebly is not only a site building service intended for online stores or eCommerce platforms.

Apart from selling goods and services, Weebly also is one of the best real estate website builders.

Weebly comes with features including but not limited to professionally designed site templates with full customization features, responsive and mobile-friendly layout and great photo galleries.

Whether you are just a good marketer or a real estate professional, Weebly has you covered when it comes to establishing your own niche site using one of the best real estate website design software packages.

It is effortless to use an editor which you can employ right off the bat.

Developing a unique and high-performing space that will attract new customers is just around the corner with Weebly.

Agent Image

Agent Image is basically intended for real estate, listings, and properties, perfect for your needs.

This one of a kind online platform is one of the best real estate website design software packages you can find anywhere.

Unlike others, Agent Image is very niche specific, with all the right components and equipment.

You can quickly launch many websites for your different real estate projects and bring things to the new degree.

Agent Image provides designs that are made for an individual real estate agent and for companies.

The website you are about to make with Agent Image is not only created for aesthetics but precision and quality standards, as well.

Attractive property details, lead generation capability, IDX search and 100% responsive web designs are just a few of the features Agent Image that makes it rock.

You can truly have an active and fully functional real estate page up and running sooner rather than later. Are you ready for a change? Agent Image makes it happen.

Use Tilda - A Real Estate Website Design SoftwareTilda

There are many options and solutions to choose from when building a new or redesigning your online presence.

Tilda covers many different options you may have and a real estate website might just be one of them.

This intuitive builder comes with over 450 ready-to-use blocks and loads of pre-made layouts.

You can begin your page almost instantly with little time and effort involved.

No need to be an expert and still attain the same expert levels. With Tilda, you are in good hands.

Along with the content that Tildaputs at your disposal, you can also create custom blocks with the Zero Block feature and modify the web design however you please.

Tilda has a strong emphasis on visual appearance, making sure that your real estate business stands out from the crowd.

Your page will be 100% responsive, as well as loading lightning fast using the best real estate website design software.


Check Vevs now if you wish to list and manage real estate firms that are for rent and sale.

This real estate website builder is perfect for the industry because of the included and specific elements and tools it comes with.

Due to its unique and useful features, you can increase listing and online real estate views and boost the sale potential through the roof.

As a real estate broker, Vevs is a sure

Vevs’ advanced real estate website design software lets you maximize your role as an administrator of your site.

It gives you the ability to set and manage countless properties, set prices, update their status and the like.

Vevs has an integrated advanced properties search feature which gives your users a chance to find the right place quickly and effectively.

Vevs also has Google Maps integrated, which automatically pins your properties to the map.

It also supports multiple languages, offers beautiful designs and most customization tweak you require.

Use Site123 - A Real Estate Website Design SoftwareSite123

You get everything that you need with Site123.

you will even receive a lot more for your convenience.

Site123 is a real estate website product with killer features and valuable assets.

You can even start free and only later upgrade to a premium plan when you need it.

However, you may like to appear professional on the web just as you are when selling new deals, you will want to choose the premium plan and connect it with your custom domain name.

From appealing templates and the coding-free page editor to free hosting, search engine optimization tools, and mobile readiness, Site123 is available to answer all your questions and over deliver. Get things progressing in the right direction and start your online journey with a bang by using the best real estate website design software.


Webflow is the best real estate website design software with a somewhat different concept.

However, you still don’t need to have a background in any of the technical stuff.

It all happens visually, right in front of you.

No back-end, no endless strings of code.  

With Webflow, it will be simple entertainment when building your real estate page that will take your firm to the level of epic.

Seriously, it is about like you would be playing some sort of a video game, a strategic one if you will.

Webflow is a powerful software great for nearly any type of website.

It has a large number of features with a flexible and extendable content management system which you will find comfortable to use.

In addition, it comes with reliable web hosting what means going live as soon as you finish designing your page for your services and listings.

Discover top real estate website design software and SEO services that can put your website onto the first page of Google, in 90-days or less, without doing any social media, blogging, or paid ads.


Use SquareSpace - A Real Estate Website Design SoftwareIf you are ready to elevate your online listings and real estate leads, you should try Squarespace.

Today it is one of the best real estate website builders that is a breeze to use.

Using Squarespace, one of the best real estate website design software and its useful and efficient  assets, you will easily grow your customer base  

The designs and templates will surely fit your needs. Generally, out of the box!

In addition, you can also check a few of the websites built with Squarespace in order to see how much you can do for your business and niche.

With Squarespace, real estate pages are an easy as one two three!


If your passion is pushing properties and offering outstanding real estate services, you definitely need a website.  

And if you have one and

 if it feels it is old and outdated, clean things up with a refresher to bring new clients and get back on track.

With Jimdo, you can start a new and modern page without a single drop of sweat using the best real estate website design software.

Not only that, but it is you and Jimdo artificial intelligence designer that will get this going.

Artificial intelligence? What’s that?

That’s right. One of Jimdo’s features is Dolphin.

It is an AI web developer that helps you out on your journey to establishing a professional page.

And what is even better?

It only takes the two of you about three minutes and you have the right web design for your project.

In addition, Jimdo also comes with a set of tools that offer you to track your site’s performance at all times.

Customize and optimize it and witness it and give it a boost by using the best real estate website design software.

Use WebStarts - A Real Estate Website Design SoftwareWebstarts

If you would like to really boost your real estate career, you may want to consider having a website built with Webstarts.

This online site building platform is figured to be one of the best real estate website builders around. The three basic steps to take in order to achieve your dream website are too easy.

  Webstarts says, you simply select a design from their repository of unique layouts, get a free custom domain name (depending on the plan) which you can share with your potential clients and finally, get your site sent off into the online space.

One way you do it is with Webstarts’ search engine friendliness.

Because it is free software, you can quickly test the waters with Webstarts.

you can even start getting your name out there and see the results using the best real estate website design software.

But then, premium packages give you all these extra perks, but you might be fine for starters with the free solution.


Webnode is a splendid tool for creating way more than just simple business and personal pages.

You can also use it for all sorts of intentions, including real estate.

With this in mind, Webnode is a real estate website builder with modern, efficient and simple to use features and environment.

Creating a page for listings and properties is an easy process and super budget-friendly.

Heck, you can use Webnode free of charge.

However, you do not have the freedom you deserve with the free package which is pretty obvious.

But do kick things off with it and upgrade later on.

Webnode grows with you.

You do not need to be an expert coder or web designer to achieve a reliable and modern looking real estate site.

Through its numerous mobile-ready templates and other handy elements, you will have a page up in a few minutes using the best real estate website design software.

You can even see real-life examples of other business owners using Webnode platform to run their pages successfully.


With hundreds of stunning templates in an amazing 38 different categories, you know uKit has something for everyone.

You can call it many different things, but one of the best real estate website builders is what we will call it today.

The builder uKit comes with uses the drag and drop technique what makes it very beginner-friend

It is this method that was developed to help people create their ideal pages despite their lack of coding. None is required.

 uKit also creates the same experience for mobile and desktop users, as well as tablet, too!

The layout automatically adjusts to the screen of choice due to its universal grid structure.

Customize the desired template and enhance it with your custom content and drive in all the traffic you can.

Various promotion and analytics tools also come part of the deal for you to have complete control over your site using the best real estate website design software.

Use Strikingly - A Real Estate Website Design SoftwareStrikingly

 Strikingly stirkes you with its amazing goodies, characteristics and other benefits you can take to your advantage.

In no time, you can have your page all set up thanks to this fast real estate website builder.

Needless to say, Strikingly is way more than that but this only strikes the surface of how handy it is as the top real estate website design software.

What is also Striking is the fact that you can start using Strikingly for free and upgrade on the go.

Strikingly is for striking websites what make complete sense

Everything including registering a new domain name and hosting your real estate page to HTTPS security,
SEO and an addition of a simple blog Strikingly has it all and then some.

And if you are active on social media, of course, with Strikingly, you can link your accounts with your website as well.

You can Have a blast when doing the coding-free design work with Strikingly and keep your professionalism intact.


Because it is quick, easy and cheap, it does not necessarily mean it is of poor quality.

And not when it comes to Moonfruit.

Especially this particular real estate website design software, you can achieve a terrific outcome that you will have no issue putting together yourself.

You know enough that web design is easy, now execute it with a page editor that promises just that.

  Moonfruit’s features, one of the best real estate website design software, are loads so there is no right or wrong way where to start.

we need to talk about the editor first of all.

Moonfruit rocks with predesigned layouts which you have full control over.

with the drag and drop system, predesigned content blocks and global styling, you can create modifications to achieve the style you want.

Other characteristics of Moonfruit are impressive animations and background effects, practical apps, domains and analytics insights.


Zillow offers you one of the best real estate website design software platforms that help you create your own website.

Whether you are a real estate agent or broker you can make use of Zillow’s great features. One of them is the Internet Data Exchange aka IDX integration.

But this is just scratching the surface what Zillow brings to the table.

If you want to increase your online presence, reach new clients and grow your business, Zillow provides a variety of services that you can modify depending on your need.

This online page building platform for the real estate industry, recognized for being one of the best real estate website design software products, offers free designs, mobile device compatibility, integrated MLS, quick setup and so much more.

SEO optimization is also part of what’s available for your page to get picked up and ranked higher in search engines.

For a tested and proven site builder, allow  Zillow to have your page up speedily.


Websitebox is a dedicated real estate website platform that gets you going for one payment only.

Yes, that is a one-time fee.  after that, you can use Websitebox as often as you want.

In addition, you also get a domain name and web hosting which you can use forever.

It’s that simple, yet hard to imagine.

When you use Websitebox, such things are possible that you once never even thought about.

If you want to get online as a real estate agent, Websitebox is the best real estate website design software you should consider.

The main attributes of Websitebox are MLS listing integration, beautiful web design, SEO, and customer relationship management.

The Websitebox control panel is also very straightforward to use for you to get the most out of it without feeling lost.

Websitebox includes one custom email and email marketing campaigns.


Try GoDaddy today if you want a site that is move-in ready.

GoDaddy is the web hosting provider giant, but in reality, it is way more than that.

The included website builder allows you to easily use it for your real estate needs, too.

Whether you are a broker or an agency, you will like GoDaddy because of its rich features and functionalities.

With GoDaddy, you can improve your listings, sales and get on the real estate website fast track even if your computer skills are very limited or none at all.

Email marketing, great listing galleries, mobile-friendly layout, social media integration and so much more comes with GoDaddy.

It is all extra simple when it comes to GoDaddy and applicable to all niches and users.

So, there you have it, the best 20 real estate website design software for building amazing real estate websites.

Discover top real estate website design software and SEO services that can put your website onto the first page of Google, in 90-days or less, without doing any social media, blogging, or paid ads.

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    Great post!  Although I am not in real estate, I have recently sold a house and was frustrated by my realtor’s inability to use the Internet effectively.  He primarily used Zillow, but often the information is inaccurate. I have experience using Wix and it is a great site for people looking to build their own site. Keep up the good work!

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      Thanks a lot for the feedback. Any experienced realtor should know that Zillow is full of bad information but they have created a brand that the public knows. Sorry, you had a bad experience.

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    Thanks for a very informative read and great resources. It’s nice to know that I wouldn’t have to depend on Craigslist for advertising. 

    1. Joseph Kaplan

      Thanks for writing. Please stay off of craigslist for real estate advertising. It was once a very good resource but it has become a home for scams of every sort when it comes to real estates. The safest thing is always your neigborhood real estate agent. Believe, they are worth the cost. And remember, if you are the buyer you should never pay anything.

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